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Design X Social

Global Innovation Challenge’20

Life In Lockdown

Stories inspire and influence people to focus on the right problems, lead change, and design better experiences.

COVID – 19

The Crisis

UMO.Design Foundation has been inspiring design-driven social innovation by addressing urgent social issues over the past two decades.

Humanity today is facing the most challenging times we’ve ever seen across generations. Today it is this pandemic, tomorrow it could be another catastrophe of a different kind, a natural or a manmade one. Our world might not be the same again. So, what are we, as human-centric designers, thinkers, and thought leaders doing about it?

Our Response

UMO UNITES, a straight from the heart initiative

UMO Unites is UMO.Design’s ongoing program that connects the inspired with the enablers to create a long-lasting social impact. A straight from the heart initiative that reflects our founding philosophy, UMO Unites aims to address such issues effectively and timely.

How can you get involved?


Submit your thoughts, ideas, expressions, big problems, opportunities, etc.


Re-imagine and explore with your friends or families to create a better world in these challenging times.


Showcase our strength by standing united in order to boost the confidence of our community.


Lining up a very interesting cadence of talks and expert speakers to cover a broad range of diverse topics.


Join U Fam to get inspired, trained, and certified to excel in your careers.


Connect with like-minded people to solve urgent socials issue identified by NGOs and Govs.

For designers seeking help.

Stand united in the face of adversity

For design leaders who can offer help.

Help them get access to the opportunities

We are isolated but united for social good

As an effect of this pandemic, we are seeing so much pain, suffering, insecurity, and uncertainty surrounding us. It’s time for us to step up, take charge of the situation and be resilient. This downtime has given us our own space to introspect and connect to our inner selves. Bring your thoughts, ideas, creativity, skills and passion for our collective good.

Become a UMO Social Impact Catalyst

If you are someone with a fire in the belly to make a difference by contributing your time. UMO Unites is the perfect platform to unload your ideas and connect with like-minded people in doing something meaningful.

You can take part in this in whatever capacity you can. All it takes is to bring your passion, empathy, and skills to the table. The program is designed in a way if you are willing you can go a long way in creating a lasting social impact.

Who can take part?

Passionate individuals

You could be an individual, from any background, not limited to design. If you can write, sketch, photograph, blog, post in social media, or even take a video then you
are gold to us.

Inspired teams

You could be an individual, from any background, not limited to design. If you can write, sketch, photograph, blog, post in social media, or even take a video then you
are gold to us.


You could be an experienced professional, a teacher, or a seasoned mentor from any domain, not limited to design. We would love to have you guide and mentor our teams participating in our challenge and together create a long-lasting social impact.



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