Hyderabad Meetup 2019

From ‘where?’ to ‘there!’


Creativity is power. We all have it. Some are brave to play with it and some stay in the illusion that they are ‘not creative’. Creativity is not crayons, it’s simply an art made up of mixing the colors of one event with another. Probably, something we all have been doing every day. In India, it came from our mothers, probably, like how she made parathas of dal which was left the previous night. In this land of ‘jugaad’, it’s a lie to say that Indians are not creative. There are some creative people, some brave ones, some crazy heads, who know that for the world they might be a little different, but they are the ones who make the difference. Creativity mixed with a process brings a defined shape to ideas and execution, and often we call it design. To bring this vision to reality, once a man set to get Indians an exposure to the world of blending in design with technology, and this came out as one of the most prominent and sought-after conference, UX India.

Ongoing for almost a decade now, this year, initiating the Hyderabad chapter, we all came together to bring out all the design enthusiasts under one roof and called it our UMO Meetup. From talking to people, about how to start a career in UX design to how to design for the upcoming technology trends, we brought in a series of talk events with young industry experts from varied places and experiences. It was all designed in such a manner that people are able to get an in-depth perspective of everything around UX UI.

With the vision of usabiltymatters.org, a team from Divami brought in a blend of speakers to understand and guide the audience on opportunities in the field of UX UI design. Spread across two days, the first day was about career opportunities in UX UI design. Where, Praveen, the Senior UX Designer from Paysafe took everyone on a journey of A to Z of UX UI design and Vignesh, a mentor from Designboat helped them discover different kinds of job roles which exist in this field. Taking it further to reflect the reality check to all the young enthusiasts, Aparna & Sarath from Divami, shared their story on how is the design school and the industry work, how they teach and how different is the real world? For many, this day was a very important day of their life as under one roof they got an insight that how they could take a leap in their career and what’s the worth of the leap?

Where the day one was to boggle the minds of young enthusiasts, day two was something designed for the ones who already are on a journey of making a difference with design. Understanding the fact, that all those technologies which we thought were the future, in reality, have already started becoming the present, we touched a lot of topics in this particular day’s session. Hemanth, Lead designer from Gramener brought in a wonderful topic, on storytelling with Data and Abhishek Hegde, Senior UX designer from JDA introduced the designers with Agentive Apps & AI. One topic, for which most of the audience was keen to listen was around, how to start with AR/VR? Beautifully covered by the lead UX & UI designers from Divami, i.e. Rakkesh Yenugudhati & Vinay Kumar, they focussed on the approach to begin with AR/VR designing as UX designers.

Keenly looking forward to more and more such meetups, we are looking forward to bring you the best experts from the industry and be there as torches of enlightenment for you. If you have any questions or thoughts that are making you sleepless at night, do write to us. We’ll try our level best to connect the right dots and bring in the best person to guide you. Feel free to write to us, we don’t have degrees in law, so we won’t judge you. Mail us at …..


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