Upcoming Meetups


8st june 2019, 10:30 am

Lets all gear up for the amazing 4 hour session by the industry renowned people who will share their journey’s and experiences in the design industry.

Past Meetups

It’s the time to decode Experience Design


1st September 2018

A day full of inspiration and learning for user experience designers, UX leaders, visual designers, user researchers, front end developers, program managers, startup founders and design students.

New Interfaces, New Interactions.


14th September 2018

The impact of digital technology on user experience has always been big.  But now, a new wave of ubiquitous, all-pervasive and intelligent systems pose new challenges for UX designers and start-ups alike – how to leverage these new systems in their designs?

Be Responsible - Be a Human


16th September 2018

We are going towards an ever changing world of technology where everyday we are bombarded with tons of new information. Let us come together and understand where to draw the line.