UMO Design Meetup – Pune

We are going towards an ever changing world of technology where everyday we are bombarded with tons of new information. Let us come together and understand where to draw the line. Understand Non Designers and Designers point of views’ on things and how we, as humans can influence the design and technology industry as a whole to a better and responsible tomorrow.

Through this meet up we bring industry leaders to share their experiences followed by rounds of QnA’s

A lot to see, a lot to do, quite a lot is there. But it’s not busy, its chill out there.


Prasanna Gadkari

Lead UX Designer at Zensar

Siddharth Kabra

CEO, monsoonfish

Zia Rahman

Head Customer Delight, YUJ Designs


12.00 PM – 12.15 PM


12.15 PM – 12. 30 PM


12.30 PM – 1.15 PM

Growing as a UX designer

The speaker, Prasanna Gadkari who has 10 years of experience as UX designer, shares how to start, grow and thrive in a career of UX.

Prasanna Gadkari

1.15 PM- 2.00 PM

Tenets of Design Thinking

Design Thinking has become the buzz. But, with so much being said about it, theres a lot of confusion around what it is, how to use it, where to use it and where not, whether its a process, or a principle, etc. This talk explores some ket tenets of design thinking with examples that illustrate the principle.

Siddharth Kabra

2.00 PM – 2.45 PM

Man-Made Humans: Deconstructing UX to humanise the emerging technologies

In this new era of technological advancement, where we just don’t touch screens to command apps but also talk to our devices to make things work. Though that’s very exciting but these technologies are meaningless if they aren’t humanized to build trust and relation with the consumer. Some of the large innovative companies who have advanced in AI & Robotics have already started thinking as a digital humanist and believing that technology is truly effective only when it allows people to accomplish things they didn’t know they could. Hence designers working on emerging technology should have the ability to apply basic human psychology and design from a place of empathy and humility.

This imposes new ways and standards to design human interactions. In this session, we will learn about the new opportunities taking shapes for UX designers to get prepared and address the challenges in humanizing the user experience for the emerging technologies.

Zia Rahman

2.45 PM – 3. 00 PM

About Umo meetup and Networking

Be a part of India's biggest UX Conference - UXINDIA 2018

Be a part of India's biggest UX Conference - UXINDIA 2018

Be a part of India's biggest UX Conference - UXINDIA 2018

Date and Time
Sunday, Sept 16, 2018
12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Webonise Lab, 7th Floor, AG Trade Center, Ram Nagar, Bavdhan, Pune

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Webonise Lab

Local leaders

Anureet kaur
Rohini Malpe
Mohit Vamsi

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