UMO Design Meetup – Pune

Lets all gear up for an amazing 4 hour session by industry renowned people who will share their journey’s and experiences in the design industry.

There will be a line up of 4 speakers followed by rounds of QnA

A lot to see, a lot to do, quite a lot is there. But it’s not busy, its chill out there.


Ganesh Gaikwad

UX Director, TCS

Kranti Vanjari

UX strategist, Yuj Designs

Nitin Virkar

Co- founder, Therefore Designs

Prashant Dubey

UX Design Manager, Dassault Systèmes


10:30 AM- 11.00 AM


11.00 AM- 11.15 AM

Opening remarks from ‘The Daftar’ team

11.15 AM- 11.50 AM

Exploring different Parameters for Usability success

A product designers’ perspective on usability in everyday scenarios.
Why we need design thinking specifically for the Indian masses

Nitin Virkar

11.50 AM- 12.25 PM

Thinking about Design Thinking

Design Thinking (DT) is a buzzword today. It is really unbelievable how this design methodology has become so popular in a short time among all including designers and business leaders. Designers always had to work their way up the chain of command that ultimately leads to CxOs. The interactive session aims to reveal some takeaways from latest experiences of running DT workshops.

Ganesh Gaikwad

Water & Tea Break- 20 mins

12.45 PM- 1.20 PM

Lean Design Research – need of the hour!

A skill that is omnipresent to all humans – ‘Empathy’ in design research if practiced with ‘Efficacy’ can help discover good insights to inform your design.

Kranti Vanjari

1.20 PM- 1.50 PM

Learning and Training in the age of experience

My talk is divided into two sections:

1. Learning Platform
2. Training Need Identification

Prashant Dubey

1.50 PM – 2.00 PM

About UMO and closing remarks

2.00 PM – 2.30 PM


Be a part of India's biggest UX Conference - UXINDIA 2019

Be a part of India's biggest UX Conference - UXINDIA 2018

Be a part of India's biggest UX Conference - UXINDIA 2018

Date and Time
Saturday, June 8, 2019
10:30 am – 2:30 pm


‘The Daftar’, Baner 

Bungalow No. 261/2/7 Silver Oak Society, Opposite Green Park Hotel, Baner Rd, Pune, Maharashtra 411045

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Local leaders

Anureet kaur
Rohini Malpe
Mohit Vamsi

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