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UMO. Design’s LEAD program aims to solve the design practice challenges for the designers by the design leaders. UMO.Design enables and inspires a spirited group of design leaders from the industry to tackle the pressing challenges to mature the practice of design.

To accomplish the mission of the LEAD program, we need a village. We call all enthusiastic and spirited leaders and leads to ramp up our current initiatives and identify more opportunities in accelerating design maturity uniformly across the globe.

The new incarnation

Over the years, UMO through its programs such as “Industry Leaders” and “Design Educators” roundtable sessions has affected systemic changes at enterprises and educational institutions. In 2022, we took a great leap in establishing LEAD to accelerate design maturity.

Why take part in LEAD?

UMO.Design’s LEAD, with its mission, offers a unique opportunity for design professionals of all levels to contribute to design maturity in the industry, In doing so, you will

  • Bring focus to the key problems hampering the maturity of design practice.

  • Unify and join forces to put a united front in progressing design

  • Be a stand-out leader in advancing design and in elevating the industry and academia.

Calling LEADs and LEADers across the globe

UMO extends a warm welcome to passionate industry leaders to join LEAD. We highly value your involvement in this program, where we collectively identify key challenges, develop actionable plans, and have the opportunity to contribute to the establishment and growth of LEAD.


UMO.Design’s LEAD, with its mission, offers a unique opportunity for design professionals of all levels to contribute to design maturity across the industry. In doing so, you will  

Accelerate design maturity

Design leaders who can bring insights to the table from their organization.

Care about the future and whats at stake

UMO AS a catalyst

UMO Design Foundation will enable solving the problems by

  • Providing a platform to meet, share and publish

  • Means of making the solution a reality and executing them through LEAD and LEADers

  • Sustain the program until the realization of the solutions

  • Promote LEADers through all channels and platforms

  • Credit the LEADers for their leadership and guidance

  • Award the best LEADer for their work in the LEAD program every year


Manish Vashist

Head India Studios, Program Director, IBM

Oinam Khaba

Head of Design, Aspire

Naveen Mamgain

Design, Rapido

Madhukar Joshi

Director – Design Strategy and Ops, Kyndryl

Yogendra Solanki

Director of Product Design, Target

Kapil Joshi

Head of Experience Design Practice, Capgemini

Sherene K.

Associate Director of Product Design, Whatfix

Rohan Pannalkar

Head of Product Design, Taskmonk AI

Akanksha Singh

Director of UX, Expedia

Nancy Kumar

Strategic Design Manager, Innovation, Airbus

Rahul Vedula

Sr. Associate Director UX, Simplilearn

Megha Agarawal

Head of Product Design, Oloid

Rasagy Sharma

Senior Design Manager, Capital One

Zeenal Patel

Head of Design, ShareChat

Aditya Shukla

Head Of Design, UniAcco

Abhimanyu Nohwar

Director of UX Design, Honeywell

Manuel Marciales

Head of Design, Netcracker

Rohit Soni

Director of UX Design, TBO.COM

Madhumita Gupta

VP and Chief Design Officer, Reliance Retail Marketplace

Sriram Suryanarayanan

Principal Design Manager, Microsoft

Preet Palsule

Design Manager, athmâ

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