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Lets Educate Everyone In Design

EXCEL – UMO Design Catalyst


Become a UMO Design Catalyst

Design thinking is a mindset, it is a way of life, and it is a deeply ingrained process we all humans have but over-looked. UMO.Design has been spreading design goodness and awareness through various programs over the years. Our mission is to take design education to the grassroots, to everyone, literally, everyone on this planet, could distinguish a bad design from good, make right choices, and design their careers and lives.

UMO Design Catalyst

If you are inspired by our mission and are excited about educating everyone in design, sign up as a UMO Design Catalyst. You must have about two years of industry experience with formal design education. As a UMO Design Catalyst, you would be spending about 2-4 hours of your time weekly teaching design, something that you love.

The first round of registrations close by 1st September ’20