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What We Work For

UMO (UMO Design Foundation) is a non-profit organization working towards design awareness and exchange of design sensibilities through interaction between designers and design sensitive consumers.

It is a forum dedicated to discussing, improving, and promoting the strategic value of good design to businesses, consumers, and citizens.

What’s New

What Does The Coronavirus Pandemic Mean For Designers?

We want our community to share how are they being effective being at home. Effective in doing what they are supposed to do, managing their family’s efficiency, and yet imagining how a better world/tomorrow would look like?

UMO Unites - For Social Impact By Design

UMO Unites is UMO.Design’s ongoing program that connects the inspired with the enablers to create a long-lasting social impact. A straight from the heart initiative that reflects our founding philosophy, UMO Unites aims to address such issues effectively and timely.

UMO UNITES - Social Impact by Design

UMO.Design Foundation has been inspiring design-driven social innovation by addressing urgent social issues over the past two decades.

Navigating Grief When Someone Inspiring Dies

It may be unexpected or confusing to feel a sense of loss after someone we’ve never met in real life passes…



News We Like

How are you being effective at home?

Hey there UMO Fam, We want our community to share how are they being effective at home. Effective in doing what they are supposed to do, effectively...

Handpicked Design bytes, Jobs & more.

Hey there Fam! Firstly, let me start by telling you what’s up with us calling you folks Fam. One of our goals has been to create a close-knit...



We bring engaging industry leaders from around the world to present a combination of inspirational talks and lively, hands-on workshops.


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Jobs will be posted on all UMO platforms – conferences, social media, website, and newsletter.