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Get involved with the UMO community.


Be A Part Of UFam

Firstly, let us start by telling you what’s up with us calling you folks Fam. UFam is Short for “UMO Family.” If you aren’t a millennial or someone who doesn’t know what fam means, here you go- According to the Dictionary ‘fam’ means: a person’s family or a person’s circle of close friends or a person’s circle of close friends or used as a form of address to a close friend.

Alright back to us calling you “fam,” one of our goals has been to create a close-knit community of designers. This ideology of our’s has led to designing a conference called ux-india.org every year. UMO being a non-profit has always been a volunteer-led organization and we consider every volunteer to be an integral part of our family. When you become a part of UFam you become a part of the UMO Family. We provide you an environment of learning and exploring, we create an experience of a family coming together, it’s not just another community designers.

Be a part of the task force. Contribute your time and effort by signing up to be a volunteer or a mentor for the UMO Unites Initiative.

Become A Volunteer

Passionate individual, from any background, not limited to design. If you can write, sketch, photograph, blog, post in social media, or even take a video then you are gold to us.

Become A Mentor

Our network of volunteers who are empowering non-design teams/students to realize their creative potential.

Become A Partner

An incredible group of our sponsors and partners whom we consider to be the center of this inspiring event.