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Akshay Chandra
Design Studio Head, Foolproof



About Akshay Chandra

3 Continents, 7 Cities and 5 Industries – all these fascinating experiences have led me to realize how much I love designing experiences. There’s nothing more exciting to me than building powerful user experiences that derive simplicity from complexity, absolutely WOW people, and capture their imagination.

When I’m not working, I train for triathlons, and spend time connecting with nature and my ‘inner self’. Triathlons help me overcome my inner limitations and discipline the mind to go above and beyond what I think possible.

What really gives me a kick is designing large, strategic service design engagements – looking at the various complex components of an ecosystem and synthesizing them into a seamless, uninterrupted whole.

I love meeting new people and exchanging great ideas – so please do say hello and let’s work on some awesome things together!

Some of my accomplishments:

1. UX & Service Design
• Spearheaded 6 strategic CX engagements and 20 UX projects (B2B & B2C)
• Architected fascinating immersive AR & VR Experiences for Industry 4.0 & The Future of Retail
• Amongst a handful of 7000 people globally to be certified by Human Factors International as a Usability & User Experience Analyst
• Certified Design Thinking Practitioner & Trainer

2. Digital Marketing
• Expanded followership of company page from 100,000 to 2.1 MILLION followers in 2 years.
• Ranked Top 10 Best Pages in India by Linkedin
• Built a $35 million B2B sales funnel thru digital marketing platforms – 8x engagement rate against industry benchmark. LinkedIn even published a global case study on this.

3. Digital Transformation Experience Center
• Designed & built a next-gen experience center at LTTS
• Mentions in 7 investor analyst reports including BlackRock, BoA, HDFC Funds and Axis Capital

4. Deal Wins
• Enabled a $60 million outsourcing deal focused on data engineering, machine vision and AI
• Global licensing deal for a Swedish start-up, resulting in annual revenues of about $1 Million

5. Funding
• $100 Million funding from the Indian Government for a professional skills training division