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Randy Sieffert
Head of UX and Product Insights, ServiceNow, United States

Randy leads UX, Product, Market, and Customer research at ServiceNow, Forbes World Most Innovative Company. In his role as Head of Insights he is helping bring design driven innovation into one of the fastest-growing enterprise software companies. Currently, Randy is working on designing experiences and researching the benefits of bringing Machine Learning into the workplace, helping automate everyday productivity tasks.

Randy started his career focused on the physical aspects of human-centered design working as an Ergonomist in the automotive industry. After completing graduate work in Aviation Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology, he began to focus more on the cognitive aspects of human-machine interactions. He spent a decade working on enterprise applications to enhance productivity of knowledge workers, then moved into designing consumer products for; the connected home, e-commerce, home entertainment, and mobile. He has come full circle and is now driving new innovations that will impact the ‘future of work’.