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Sourabh Purwar
Senior UX Researcher & Lead, Oracle



About Sourabh Purwar

Business, Design, Product, and Data are interrelated. For a problem solver, one without the other is not holistic. I dabble at the intersection of design, business, and technology.

I am a highly self-motivated, creative and result-oriented professional with a rich experience in Design Thinking, Product Design, User Experience, UCD, HCI. Deep interest in cognitive & behavior psychology and interaction design gives a great perspective about human cognition and emotional design which helps in crafting better experiences for users.

I like to define myself as a lateral thinker with a flair for identifying and adopting emerging trends to achieve organizational objectives.

Have demonstrated excellent interpersonal, communication and organizational skills working with cross-functional teams in an agile environment and collaborating on various projects and have been able to set up teams and take charge of business verticals.

I believe that taking initiatives is about identifying the need and creating innovative solutions. Over the years this effort has added immense value towards achieving the goals I work for as well as my personal development.

In the last few years have got the opportunity to work with various companies on a diverse project across multiple domains and also as a hobby has been able to come up with a number of new products in the market ranging from solutions on various platforms.

Specialties: Design Thinking, Heuristic Evaluation, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Usability Testing, Interaction Design, User Research, Prototype, Design-driven development.