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Sreya Ahuja
Lead Design, sugar.fit



About Sreya Ahuja

Design constantly impacts and enriches the quality of life. This fact has always fascinated me.

I firmly believe that the best experiences are an extension of one’s own natural inclination – they fit so well that you don’t realize they’re not part of you. Or even better, they make you smile. It is this idea that encourages me to craft holistic, human-centred, delightfully simple and enjoyable experiences.

Inherently an explorer, I strive to see what every one has seen but I also think what no one else has, so far.
I tend to see everything with a distinct perspective of improvement.

My naturally questioning instinct is layered with rational thinking and sound judgement. My creative mind is honed to picking up all the small signals that propel the spirit of creation.

My innate passion for arts is interestingly contrasted with my obvious attraction to science. I am constantly looking to coalesce knowledge gleaned from the seemingly diverse fields of technology, design, psychology and more in the application and amalgamation of these fields. With a passion for all things health and a background in the sciences, I thrive while working at the intersection of healthcare and design. I am also captivated by behaviour science and its impact on designing products and services.

Bridging human behaviour, technology and business with design, my process is deep-rooted in research. I am particularly inspired to look at systems, services and products in a holistic manner and with a mindset of growth.