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Design X Social ’22

Delivering Medical Supplies to War Zones: Emergency Ukraine

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Health Care


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Larissa Gomes, Filipe Monteiro, Valentina Marzano, Andrew Chen,

Project Summary

Problem Identified

The war in Ukraine has mobilized people across the world to send donations, for instance in the form of food and medical help. However, an urgent problem is becoming more evident, as the war enters its sixth month: the lack of medical supplies for chronic patients of all sorts. Despite the amount of donations, this kind of medication is not delivered, so severe war injured people and chronic patients are not treated adequately, causing deaths that could have been avoided.

Design Innovation

How might we deliver the appropriate medical supplies to Ukrainian hospitals quickly and efficiently? After analyzing the needs and pain points of our interviewees, we identified one urgent problem: the lack of an effective communication platform for hospitals. Hence, we came up with a solution: Emergency Ukraine, a platform that connects hospitals in Ukraine with donors, and solve another big user pain point about patient records. In the platform the hospitals will not only request and receive medical supplies, but also upload medical records that the patients can access wherever they are, and in this way, they will be able to continue with the treatment appropriately. The platform will use technology that has been introduced in Ukraine, concerning the digitalization of the health care system, in order to provide and create data.

Impact On The Society

The project raises awareness about medical conditions that have nothing to do with war, but can’t be treated because the right medicine never arrives. It also advocates for the reuse of resources and less waste of paper on medical documents. Finally, it will facilitate the communication between doctors and the access to patient records by doctors and patients. In the end, the experience in Ukraine might help to improve lives of people living in other risk areas around the planet.

Project Team

Larissa Gomes


Filipe Monteiro


Valentina Marzano


Andrew Chen

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