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Design X Social 2020: Life in Lockdown
Domestic violence cases, People who are seeking for help facing a lack of immediate response

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Citizens & Professionals




Nisha Rana


Krupali Patel, Limra Jamal Siddiqui, Shanmugavel Sankaran,

Project Summary

Problem Identified

Existing solutions -Helpline numbers (With WhatsApp and call facility) to seek advice Gap in existing solution -Women are not able to share details on call as they share same space with spouse -Too many helpline numbers hence not able to decide which is reliable -They have no idea about how helpline number will help them -Too many cases to handle hence not able to handle each case in a single day -Not providing right advice To solve the problem we have decided an output as Sahayata. There is an AI chatbot. This AI based chatbot interprets and processes user’s words or phrases and gives an instant pre-set answer.It uses natural language understanding (NLU) to detect what victims are saying and match it to the appropriate response. The chatbot is trained to recognize different possible phrases and words the victim could ask. So whenever victim seeks for help through this helpline number she will be able to get response immediately. If chatbot fails to recognize any word it will ask to write similar words. If a woman writes “help”, chatbot will give her predefined choices like whether she wants medical help or shelter. If she asks for shelter it will trace her location (with consent) and our proposed solution will provide shelter information near to her location. This is followed up with other related inquiries. If she is not satisfied with predefined helping options she will be able to ask for “other choices” and proposed solution will empathize with the victim until satisfied response received. Features of Sahayata Your final submission Google Deck link Your final submission VIDEO link (stored in a drive) Number of team members Full Name E-mail Phone Number Your Country Your picture Immediate response -Easy to use -Available Offline(SMS) and Online mode(Social media apps) -Empathizes with situation -Collaboration and integration with various government and private company services(Uber, OLA, OYO etc.) -Can be used by anybody

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The Team

Krupali Patel



Limra Jamal Siddiqui



Shanmugavel Sankaran




Nisha Rana

UX Architect