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Design X Social ’22


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Citizens & Professionals


United States


Anvi Dedhia


Bradley Warren, Nidhi Goyal, Erica Yu,

Project Summary

Problem Identified

With higher costs in healthy diets in conjunction with rising prices and restrictive incomes means getting neutrality rich meals is out of reach for 3 billion people in every region around the world. Even before Covid-19 and Ukraine conflict, the world was off track to meet UNs target of net zero by 2030 currently were seeing rising prices, conflict and global climate, impacting 1.9 billion daily (moderate or severe food insecurity). With the world at critical junction, nearly ⅓ in world don't have access to adequate food in 2020 and expected to reach 660 mill by 2030. Personally this impacts individual on multiple dimensions, firstly missing critical nutritional benefits seeing deterioration of health, rising mental stress and bigger unemployment challenges (competitive market).

Design Innovation

By introducing more communicative & innovative tools users can, give better communicative options for organizers beyond word of mouth, reduce unnecessary travel to user and give better decisions (ie. stock levels) and sustainably connect smaller business together, enriching communities around the globe. A mobile application, Fedaris, allow users to find local food bank shops, with smarter filtering system and direct chat functionality with foodbank organizers.

Impact On The Society


Project Presentation

Project Team

Bradley Warren

United States

Nidhi Goyal

United States

Erica Yu

United States

Project Mentor

Anvi Dedhia

Senior UX Designer, Accenture