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Design X Social ’22


Team Name:

Avant Garde Inc.


Health Care


Citizens & Professionals




Dr. Ravindra Singh


Ruhani Chopra, Sahil Suhag, Anjana Laxminarayanan, Karan Sawhney, Ayushi Gupta,

Project Summary

Problem Identified

Coronavirus engulfed our nation into a 2nd wave, with the daily cases reaching up to 414000 since the start of March. As society was trying to battle this humanitarian crisis, the gaping holes in our healthcare system were evident to the public. There were: Shortages of amenities such as hospital beds and oxygen for those in critical condition, while people with privilege, but lesser severity of illness got prioritized over patients who were at a higher risk. Patients with other conditions such as pregnant women and patients in immediate need of surgery getting sidelined. No facility for proper home care and rising anxiety amongst those infected due to lack of credible information on the virus. No direct channel of communication between doctors and public Over-exhaustion of healthcare workers. How Might We allow priority patients to find and receive timely medical assistance and care based on their unique medical history in a Covid-struck India?

Design Innovation

We aim to build a sustainable solution that not only targets Covid but also helps monitor patients suffering from other medical conditions. The goal is to: Track the vitals of an individual, which will allow the doctor to monitor the vitals of patients through the convenience of their phone and flag a patient in case of any emergency. The vitals that the individual feeds into the application will differ based on the health condition. Using analytics, the daily vitals, and medical data collected when a user builds a profile, the solution will create a prioritization matrix that will give each patient a priority rating as per their current health, and allow hospitals to prioritize beds for the most critical patients.

Impact On The Society

The solution will create a clear communication channel between patients and doctors, thereby enabling better homecare Ability to book available hospitals, doctors, supplies directly through the application

Project Team

Ruhani Chopra

Self Employed Designer


Sahil Suhag

Renovite Technologies


Anjana Laxminarayanan



Karan Sawhney

Greenolive Design


Ayushi Gupta

Headlight Design Studio


Project Mentor

Dr. Ravindra Singh