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Design X Social ’22

Seamless Movement of Vehicles

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Galaxy UX Studio


Travel and Transportation


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Ishan Jaiswal, Nikhil Mishra, Salman Khan, Vaibhavi Parman, Shravan Rajawat,

Project Summary

Problem Identified

Significant wastage of fuel, time, and an increase in CO2 emissions due to traffic congestion at toll plazas during peak traffic hours have a negative impact on the environment and economy of the world. Also, it leads to the following repercussions: High construction and maintenance costs of toll plazas. Need for manpower to enable operations. Absence of a robust system to track vehicles on toll plazas. Highly reported incidents of contention, arguments, and fights with toll officials.

Design Innovation

Considering the extreme bad cause and effect of toll plaza congestion, we have come up with a promising solution to provide seamless movement of vehicles. Our solution ensures a simple and easy-to-use design experience. What we had started with? We started by identifying personas to better understand users' needs, experiences, behaviors, and goals. Once that part was done we were confident to move to further process of design that includes Information Architecture, Wireframe, UI design and as well an Admin app concept.

Impact On The Society

We strongly believe our solution can improve the current state at Toll Plazas. Making it more smooth with a non-stop driving experience. This will be one more step in making digital India. This is a serious concern, which has bad repercussions and needs to be resolved at the earliest. Our design will be a milestone in the use of technology, digitalization, and smooth travelling. It will save time for the drivers and travellers as neither they will have to wait in long queues nor will they have to stop at every toll booth.

Project Team

Ishan Jaiswal


Nikhil Mishra


Salman Khan


Vaibhavi Parman


Shravan Rajawat


Project Mentor

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