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Design X Social ’22

Solving for Dengue Epidemics

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Lovish Bandwal, Aseem Saini, Pranoti Sonawane,

Project Summary

Problem Identified

Dengue is one of the world’s fastest spreading virus and puts half of the world's population at risk. It kills One Person Every 12 Minutes. It is transmitted by the bite of a dengue-carrying mosquito.If another mosquito bites that infected person, it would become a carrier and can infect more people. Our opportunity is 'How can we provide timely and appropriate care to reduce the dengue crisis by increasing citizen awareness?’’

Design Innovation

Our solution is a two-sided system for civilians and Healthcare providers. Our app is designed for civilians who can measure their health score and risk of dengue fever by adding their health data, and suggests personalised dengue prevention strategies. It also spurs community action against the mosquito breeding sites.

Impact On The Society

Our dashboard is designed for Government Bodies and Healthcare providers which can help them, monitor, analyze, forecast, and control dengue outbreaks. Our service ecosystem facilitates data sharing between healthcare providers, policymakers, and the government, allowing for more effective population-based action. Through our ecosystem, we would be able to reduce the dengue outbreaks to near zero with the help of clinical data.

Project Team

Lovish Bandwal


Aseem Saini


Pranoti Sonawane


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