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Design X Social ’22

Sustainable Energy Storage

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Brathikan Vijayamohan Mankayarkarasi, Janarthanan V, Sivakeerthana S, Sudalaimuthu Suresh P, Abiya Primency M,

Project Summary

Problem Identified

Energy has been a major cause of global development. The way we produce and utilize energy crafts human development. We relied more on unconventional sources like coal, crude oil, and gas for energy generation. These sources are harmful to the globe. To replace this, we need renewable energy, but renewable energy is time-dependent. We can’t take these for granted for continuous power supply.

Design Innovation

The proper solution to have continuous renewable energy could be integrating it with a storage solution. Energy Storage can storge energy it any form and can replenish it whenever needed. Currently, we use chemical batteries for storage. There comes the issue when we need to store a large amount of energy. The increase in the size of the batter makes it difficult to maintain. The hazardous chemical process of making a chemical battery makes the afterlife process of the battery an intolerable one. The mechanical batteries other than pumped hydro are immature. We can’t consider it commercially viable storage. The pumped hydro storage solution is very large that it needs geographical consideration to a great extent. We can’t construct it everywhere. This makes the pumped hydro less available. Moreover, the construction of pumped hydro needs ecological damage. This makes it less considerable. Current energy consumption is 29,900 TWh (approx..) of which only a very limited amount is produced by renewable energy. To make renewable a primary player, we need a storage solution. Gravitational potential energy, flywheel, and highpressure energy storage are less efficient to make this task happen; hence we need a solution that is less bulky than pumped hydro and stable like chemical batteries but without the usage of chemicals.

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Project Presentation

Project Team

Brathikan Vijayamohan Mankayarkarasi

Kumaraguru College of Technology


Janarthanan V

Kumaraguru College of Technology


Sivakeerthana S

Kumaraguru College of Technology


Sudalaimuthu Suresh P

Kumaraguru College of Technology


Abiya Primency M

Kumaraguru College of Technology


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