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Design X Social 2021
Virtual Learning

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Educational Institutes




Prasad Khose


Sruthi Ganesh, Jyothi KN, Naga Charan Burle,

Project Summary

Problem Identified

How kids can adopt to digital and virtual learning behavior..Because of the present pandemic, it's a challenge for kids to adopt this learning.

Design Innovation

The educational system changed in a heartbeat. The bottom line of the success of virtual learning is the engagement of students to make education seamless and interactive.Establishing a routine where live classes assist in separating ‘study time’ from ‘playtime’ for kids. Thus educators have to look to innovate and create content that can be tailored to a digital platform by considering some key factors. Well planned content : It must be build with well planned learning objectives with best content so that it can be accessed on smartphones at home for the students to participate. </li> Self-discipline and engagement : A number of physical activity breaks through the day will ensure the learner is fresh. Schools can have community building by singing songs together , sharing jokes etc., on video call . </li> Effective parental involvement : Responsibility falls on parents, parents need to get adequately involved in the digital learning process if they would want it to benefit their children and by encouraging learning at home , do activities together, last and the best by creating "no pressure" zone for Kids.

Impact On The Society

Digital education over conventional education.This is the time to realize the potential of digital learning which is a usable solution to students during this time as they offer convenient access to lessons that can be interesting and interactive alternative as compared to classroom teaching. Moreover, it will provide an opportunity for educators to come up with customized learning solutions for every student. Blended learning with a mix of live classes, video lectures and parents creating no pressure zone helps kids to adopt virtual learning. ~~Charmers~~

The Team

Sruthi Ganesh



Jyothi KN



Naga Charan Burle




Prasad Khose

Founder, Crayomi Edu