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The Invisible Enemy

Express empathy and inspire hope

Depict the disruption caused by this invisible enemy i.e., the corona virus and how it can be overcome. Your movie should capture the emotional turmoil/ trauma we are going through and how we can stay strong to win over it.

Think about yourself, your dear ones, parents, kids, frontline warriors, and anyone doing their best to overcome their personal challenges and trauma caused by this invisible enemy


Global Storytelling Challenge 2021
UMO.Design generated deep empathy through Moving Stories, a short video challenge in 2020. It was focused on expressing the pain and suffering during the first wave of the pandemic to trigger change.

A year on, we are still not out of it due to the subsequent waves. While some countries are coping with it, some others have seen widespread devastation. To keep it short, the world is facing severe uncertainty during these unprecedented times.

UMO.Design calls our design community to express and spread empathy by creating short videos that move hearts, trigger change, and inspire people to take action.

What you can use?
People, props, music, and anything that will depict and enhance the emotions you want to showcase.
What you can not use?
Avoid any direct reference to the covid virus, imagery related to patients or their treatment in hospitals and the aftermath ie, deceased bodies, etc.,



Show that moving stories are powerful in influencing
people to focus on the right problems and inspire them to
design better experiences.

Show that you care

It’s your platform to showcase your story and bring the change

Win Awards & Get Recognized

What better way to celebrate the potential impact you could create

Bring a Real Change

Win a chance to work on a real project backed by our partners

Entry to Design Conference

Get discounted entry to Design Conference


A Call to Action

for Citizens, Professionals, and Academia

In today’s connected world, everyone is empowered to influence a positive change. People from any domain and from any walk of life, passionate about story telling are encouraged to take part in this challenge.


Students from any background with inclination for digital storytelling through videos for fun or for sharing.


Any professional who enjoys storytelling, who creates videos for fun or even for serious positive outcomes either at their work or in the society.


Recognition & Reward

UMO Design Foundation will be honoring the winners with the following awards.


All members of the winning teams will be given certificates.
All the participants who submit the solution will be given participation certificates


Process & Timeline

Here’s what we need to do to make this challenge a success

Movie Specifications.

Identify and create a video of your Moving Story. You must adhere to the following specifications.

Stick to the theme “Empathy – A slice of LIfe”.

Video format – Follow YouTube supported file formats.

Use your mobile phone or a professional camera.

Record video in a standard aspect ratio for landscape viewing.

Limit your video to a max of 4 mins (all inclusive).

Video could be in any language. Accommodate for English subtitles.

Use only original or royalty-free music, pictures and videos.

Include credits to your team or any other resources leveraged.

Add a disclaimer stating that the content is mainly for educational, awareness and thought provoking purposes. The intention is to make each one of us connect to the issues faced by the society, empathize with them and trigger necessary actions. We are not responsible for any undue consequences including any one risking their life, relationships and trauma caused to themselves or their closed ones after watching these videos, if any.


24th Sep’21

Submit your Moving Story.

Make sure that you submit your video timely.

You will upload your movie to a drive (e.g Google drive) and share the link with us.

The videos will be uploaded on UMO. Design channel for public voting.


25th Sep’21

Promote your Moving Story.

Get maximum viewership for your video & win People’s Choice Award.

Promote your video in as many social media channels as you can.

Get maximum reach and viewership.

We will track metrics of your video to adjust a winner.


09th Oct’21


Learn how storytelling can power design and innovation.

Inspire and spread the power of storytelling.

Join the community of storytellers and immerse in engaging conversations with fellow designers.

Win “Moving Stories” awards and experience the awards ceremony.


Evaluation Criteria & Process

A winning entry meets all of the following criteria.

Specifications Met

Did the submission adhere to the instructions? Ie., Originality, Format, Duration, etc.

Empathy Delivered

Did the submission succeed in creating empathy for the audience towards the subject? The movie should leave the jury and audience with wanting to take a positive action for the subject in the movie.

Film Making/Technical Quality

It should be of a decent quality in terms of framing, editing, backgroud music, etc.


Be the change you want to see

Show that you can move people with your moving story video, influence them to focus on the right problems, and inspire them to design better experiences.