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CheckCovidNow Web App

Posted On April 20, 2020

Illustrator Artwork/Design


What Is The Urgent Problem?

Since the country is under lockdown, Cases are increasing very rapid way, most of the cases are unable to find the person because no one is coming voluntary for check-up even though they came from different places ,they are hiding without self-isolation they are coming out when they are feeling really sick ,till now damaged was totally happen already.

The Response

Checkcovidnow empowers users by informing about the potential risk and symptoms through Web application contact tracing and equips people with self- assessment tools. With Checkcovidnow, let us take a step forward to protect ourselves & our family & loved ones. Precession tracking of High-risk, patient with COVID19 Symptoms. Self-assessment test for infection mitigation. Protect yourself and your community from COVID19.