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Creative Artwork
Quarantine Post

Posted On April 23, 2020

Sketch Artwork/Design

Description of the video

It took 180 FRAMES to finally finish creating this project! Don’t forget to SWIPE RIGHT and see the work in progress showing the hard work in making this. Coronavirus has created havoc in this world. This is a small animation to make people aware of the importance of social distancing and that we (all countries) are in this together, just far away from each other.

Story of the flipbook

The coming of Coronavirus creating havoc in the world, followed by all the countries trying to escape but one falls down. Then another country throws a rope and rescues it. Both greet each other with namaste (showing social distancing) and then unity is depicted with everyone standing together but 6 feet away from each other. it also shows the positive side, where we all unite against the virus until we get a vaccine to kill it.

Shrusti Shah

Hyderabad, India