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How many calls can we have with our mentor?

As many as needed and as many as both could accommodate. Please respect each other’s time.

How can we get a mentor at this stage?

We are overwhelmed with the response to this challenge, all our mentors are assigned to teams.

Write to us at [email protected] and we will try to find a mentor for you. We can’t promise you
one though.

What will be the evaluation factors for the submission?

Satisfying all the requirements in the presentation like research, problem identification, solution, impact, execution, and a 3 min video describing your submission.

When is the problem identification submissions?

12 AM IST, 24th May, 2020

Can we add new slides to the deck?

Yes, feel free to add any new slides which you think is relevant to your submission.

Can we work on a problem that had been chosen for another project/challenge?

Yes. The idea/solution has to be unique. If found to be plagiarised, the team will be disqualified.

Be aware of the infringement, copyright laws.

Who will decide category of participation?

Towards the deadline for the final submission, we will share a form with you. You can choose the category under which you want to submit in the form.

How do we test the solution if our target users are not at home?

There are many tools that offer remote testing solutions or talk to your mentor for more guidance.

How to submit your work to us?

To submit “Stage 1 – Identify A Problem You Want To Solve” share the link to your presentation to us at [email protected]

Is it okay to not have a mentor for a team?

Yes, having a mentor is optional.

Can I add a team member?

Yes, please update them as a member of your submissions.

Is it mandatory to interview our target users?

User Interviews are conducted to understand your users.

Remember, you are not your user

Can you share the UMO - DXSM20 - Presentation Template?

You must have got an email with the link but here it is anyway.

Download the deck or make a copy of it and use it as a playbook for your submission!

Can one team submit more than one problem and idea?

Yes you can. Be sure to have them addressed thoroughly in your video/presentation.

Will there be any funding opportunities later to execute the solution in real-time?

Yes. We are working with companies and governments. Providing opportunities will be strictly up to them, winning the competition will not guarantee funding opportunities, it surely will increase
your chances!

What awards are available?

Best Design Award, Special Jury Award, People Choice Award

Should the end solution be completely functional?

Not necessarily.