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From one of our family members

Hello Sir, I’ve been writing these messages for everyone and I left yours for the end because I knew I’ll have a lot to say. We started out on the 9th of Nov, and honestly, this last month has given me purpose. I woke up every morning and I knew what I had to do. And I definitely feel like a different person now. I’m not someone who meets a lot of people or talks a lot, but I’ve become so attached to this team. Working with you has been great! I know you say you’re not a visual designer, but you’re amazing! We learned so much from you. You talked about other people being patient but you’re no less. You handled everything seamlessly. It must have been really stressful. All of this became such a routine that now it has left this void. Thank you so much for this opportunity, I really had a good time. I’m sure all this experience will go a long way and help me shape my career. I’d definitely like to continue working with you in the future. Thank you! P.S. Sorry for the long message, got carried away

Volunteer opportunity at UMO Design Foundation

We are proud to say that UMO Design initiatives are tremendously successful just because of the volunteers. There are many opportunities for you to get involved, contribute, inspire, and get inspired. Volunteering at UMO is not just an opportunity to gain work experience, but also to meet distinguished guest speakers and gain exposure. It is a wonderful way to participate in the conference, network, get inspired, and have fun! If you would like to a part of the UMO Family, please join us as a volunteer. Being entirely online this year means the volunteer duties will be very different than previous years, but the mission to produce an event that runs smoothly for all attendees is the same. Delivering all of our content online this year will require more training for volunteers to understand the content delivery technologies we’ll use. If you can volunteer all week, this would be excellent, yet if you only have limited time, we welcome you as well. If you want to join a great team and be a part of history-making in the Design community, please complete the form. After completion, there will be other steps, yet we will contact you if we need more information. Thank you,
Team UMO