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Soham Sinha
Design, Lockstep



About Soham Sinha

Trained in Industrial Design and Architecture, currently offering User experience and Strategic Design solutions for Lockstep, An avid follower of Dieter Rams, I believe “Good design is thorough down to the last detail”.

I like to see things from a pixel point of view where quality and design merge to form a unique user experience across all platforms and media.
I have played the roles of a Design Strategist, Ux Lead, Product Designer, Industrial Designer, and Architect through my education and career. In all of those jobs, internships, and lectures I have learned to listen to my clients and the people I work with, which gives me insights into solving the problems that customers face on the proverbial hunt for commendable user experience.

My knowledge of multiple domains of design makes me a unique differentiator in terms of design thinking and the overall approach for user-centered design.

Being a keen reader, and music lover I also like to discuss current affairs with a touch of humor on my blog outofplumb.wordpress.com. A wider interest area from Indian Mythology to European Football leads to different approaches and quick comprehension. The holistic view towards any problem often results in unique solutions, making me an asset to the team.

I happened to be one of the senior workshop facilitators during my time at Infosys ( 200+ designers). I have a unique way of bridging the gaps between Product Management, Engineering, Marketing, and Design. This eventually leads to quick iterations, MVPs, and rapid prototyping for beta testing. I also have moderate experience running weekly / By-Weekly Design-Sprints along with managing 10+ designers at a time.

UX Skillsets:

5+ years of experience building modern web applications and mobile applications utilizing current UI technologies and toolsets.

Detailed understanding of the current design trends in multi-devices and platforms, hands-on experience with Design and prototyping tools (e.g., Adobe XD, Sketch, Figma, InVision, Axure RP, etc)

Experience with modern UI frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap), understanding of material designs, native and hybrid application designs.

Adaptive to new technologies.