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Vinay Annam
Product Designer, Springfold Solutions



About Vinay Annam

I’m Vinay, a Software Developer turned Product designer by Passion and Profession.

Having a fascination with Art and Technology since childhood. I graduated Engineering in Computer Science.

These interests fascinated me to shift my roles towards User Experience Design and pushed me to start a Design Career.

As a product Designer I was nominated as one of the Finalists for DesignX Awards, conducted by UMO, India in the Enterprise category amongst the 117 entries received.

I have worked with Startups from eCommerce, Fintech, Banking, and Healthcare Domains and helped teams Ideate, Brainstorm, Research, and Design Minimum Viable Products to validate and test their Ideas into reality.

Also working with Product Based companies such as VMWare Inc, Profinch Technologies, Pantaloon Retail, Future Group Tech, in building B2B and SAAS Applications.

A brief about my design process!

I spend most of my time understanding the Why’s and How’s before analyzing the high-level requirements and ask the right questions to gather all relevant information to guide design direction.

After working on the high-level requirements, I define Product design flows, Interactions, and content strategies in collaboration with Business Leaders, Engineers, Product Managers, and other UX and visual designers.

I initiate a full experience design process (i.e., discovery, research, concept development, wireframes, high-fidelity mocks) with a particular focus on customer mindsets, flows, and journeys.

Then, Quickly iterate on multiple design explorations to arrive at simple, but robust solutions, accounting for complex requirements, and Validate designs by collaborating with researchers and testing with real users.

I understand Development and can closely work with Tech leads to make sure ideas are implementable, and provide detailed design specifications that enable developers to implement the experience.

Hands-on with HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, Know about Android, iOS platform capabilities, and limitations.

I like to brainstorm and whiteboard different ideas, speaking to a lot of new people and understanding how they consume digital products.

I’m fascinated working with product teams who are solving real-user problems and making it more human to interact and engage with the new-age digital products.

To know more about my design processes and approaches through Case Studies. (http://webtweet.net/vinay)

If you want to talk more about Product Strategy, UX Consulting, Design Sprint for your new project/product hit me up or just email me : [email protected]