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Design X Social ’22


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Waste Management


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Rayomand Pavri


Prashita Gupta, Sarthak Arora, Anwesha ,

Project Summary

Problem Identified

The existing production cycle of protective wearables has not been sustainable. As a result, the amount of single-use plastic entering the environment has multiplied 9 times since the onset of the pandemic. Though we have sufficient resources for recycling for this waste, the amount of waste collected is drastically less majorly due to non-existing segregation procedures. Thus, we tend to be unprepared to welcome the next wave, particularly in terms of sustainability.

Design Innovation

We came up with ECOVEND, India’s first mask disposal vending machine. By disposing of masks, one can earn Eco-points, which can be used to sanitize mobile devices and redeem free masks. This instills the sense of being responsible citizens by preventing this single-use plastic waste from ending up in a landfill or the ocean. ECOVEND is not any typical vending machine. Its distinct form factor and design elements entice users while also making it simple to use. Upon approaching ECOVEND, a combination of camera and ultrasonic sensors detects, greets, and displays the available options to the user. While disposing of, the disposal slot is on the opposite side of the collection slot to give the user psychological satisfaction that their masks are being disposed of correctly and are not being mixed with the new masks. Users are kept motivated to participate in the cause by showing motivational messages after disposal.

Impact On The Society

The mask sold by ECOVEND includes several unique features including a COVID warrior batch and vinyl stickers to depict the life of masks. These stickers fall off the mask after 15 days, indicating the immediate need for change. Nevertheless, the digital touch screen can be cleaned to prevent two people from coming into contact with each other via ECOVEND. With ECOVEND, you can DISPOSE of, EARN, BUY, and SANITIZE your way to becoming a proud COVID Warrior.

Project Presentation

Project Team

Prashita Gupta

Avantika University


Sarthak Arora

IIIT Delhi



Avantika University

Project Mentor

Rayomand Pavri

Associate Creative Directors, DELOITTE DIGITAL