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Design X Social ’22

FoodSmart: A Sustainable App to Reduce Food Wastes and Hunger

Team Name:

Team 70




Citizens & Professionals


United States


Vibhuti Agrawal


Stephanie Diem Doan, Tianyi (Vera) Bao, Shannon Ho Ting Chan, Joyce Yang,

Project Summary

Problem Identified

How can we make these systems robust/sustainable? Large quantities of food that would previously be placed in landfills can now be repurposed and distributed. - The goal of FoodSmart, is to avoid depletion of resources and drive sustainability. The byproduct of this system will help decrease food insecurity/shortages for those who face food insecurity. How can we help people overcome post-crisis trauma? - Supermarket/restaurant owners take part in solving the food waste and shortage issues, meanwhile residents also contribute to repurposing unsold food. Excess food scraps that are unnecessarily placed in landfills eventually contribute to 12% of total global methane emissions, which eventually release extra methane into the atmosphere, which contributes to global warming. - We can help people overcome this post-crisis trauma by educating the public on ways to limit food scraps, and creating a community that have the same goal in mind.

Design Innovation

Our FoodSmart fights against food waste by connecting business owners and citizens/people in need in New York, to give out surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away. The APP also enhances the sense of community through providing food for free.

Impact On The Society

By donating excess food, companies can directly assist those who are living in difficult situations while also having a positive effect on the environment. Giving out extra or leftover food brings 6 major positive effects on society: 1. Assist users who are socially disadvantaged and in need of food assistance. 2. Reduce the cost of living in this post-pandemic inflation society. 3. Reducing trash disposal expenses. 4. Boost employees’ morale. 5. Lessen the company's environmental impact. 6. Fight climate change by lowering the greenhouse gas emissions related to food waste.

Project Team

Stephanie Diem Doan

United States

Tianyi (Vera) Bao


Shannon Ho Ting Chan

United Kingdom

Joyce Yang

United States

Project Mentor

Vibhuti Agrawal

Design Head, WIPRO